About Me

my fam

I’m a mom to two amazing little boys; a toddler and a preschooler.  My oldest is my little empath and my youngest is my firecracker. They love each other fiercely and I feel lucky to be able to foster their relationships as brothers. They, along with my husband, are the lights of my life. I’m blessed with an engineer husband whose logic balances my emotion and vice-versa. We have been together since we were juniors in high school and were BLESSED that God had it in our plans to grow into ourselves in the same direction.

my day job

I’m a pre-kindergarten teacher and was a kindergarten teacher before that. I have spent all my years of teaching working with at-risk kiddos. I love working with this demographic and feel like it’s where I’m meant to be. I love to see the achievement gap closing, even if it’s just in my little classroom.  I do photography as well, and LOVE to photograph families and newborns. I love capturing the emotion the between them. I usually hate being photographed myself, but if I can be photographed being a mom and being a family with my little clan, I’ll do it any day! I love to swoon over the pictures when I get them.

what else?

  • crusader against childhood sexual abuse
  • wanna-be crafty woman
  • avid digital scrapbooker
  • archivist for our life
  • a leader in my own right
  • a little bit crunchy
  • perfectionist
  • singer in my car
  • runner (okay so this is a new term but I’m so embracing it!)
  • I’m me and I’m learning to love who that is.



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